How long does the procedure take?  The Procedure takes only a few hours.


1 – 2 weeks prior to surgery, blood work is completed to confirm there will be no medical complications. One week prior to surgery the use of aspirin and vitamin E should be discontinued as these cause thinning of the blood. The use of any other drugs – legal or otherwise may affect the results of the hair transplantation and should be discussed at the time of your blood work.

Day of Surgery

We encourage you to eat a meal prior to your arrival. Upon arrival, we will review and finalize the design of your hairline. Medication is then provided to result in a relaxed state of mind, along with a selection of current videos for your enjoyment. The Day After The next day, you will return to our office where your hair and scalp will be shampooed and styled. Your post-surgical hair can be styled in the normal manner with reasonable caution exercised near the surgical areas.  

What is the cost? We offer financing and most procedures range from $2,000-$4,000

Does the procedure hurt?  Most patients remark that the procedure is painless  

Will you be able to tell I had hair surgery?  The hairline is undetectable.  

I’m from out of town, where should I stay?  We offer special accommodations, just call us for a consultation and we can set it up for you.  

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