Have you reviewed your hair loss options? A great place to start is to view John’s Hair Options Video on our Home page, where he reviews the 3 FDA-approved options before you consider hair transplantation.

Please review The Laser Difference, Laser Micro Surgery The Hair & Scalp Clinics are pioneers in Laser Technology, both in Research and Clinical Trial Experience.The FDA granted Marketing Clearance ,Specifically for Hair Transplants Jan 21 2007. Also published in the Prestigious Hair Transplant Forum International, Oct. 2007, On the use of the CO2 Laser for Trichopytic Donor Area Closure, and Alblation of Skin Irregularities for Pitting & Tenting from Old Punch Grafts. The Laser-Edge Closure, used in the Donor Region, allows for hair to grow back through the excision area Hair harvested from the nape of the neck area is impervious to the DHT hormone and will generally grow for life, when transferred to a balding area. The Laser is also used to microstimulate the recipient and other thinning areas to accommodate cellular aggregation, and assist in hair regeneration. This can also assist in healing.. The laser is attracted to the moisture in the skin only, so there is never any damage to the existing hair. Low Level Laser 650nm is recommended post op as well, for quicker healing and better growth. Patients report excellent growth with minimal scarring, less post surgery discomfort and quicker return to normal activities.

Attention Women! Women may lose their hair for many reasons, including Thyroid Disease, infections, medications, low serum iron, fungus, hereditary or childbirth, to name a few. Some forms of hair loss may be successfully treated. Others may require surgical options. We offer a no cost hair analysis that can point to most female causes. For cosmetic hair removal, The Hair and Scalp Clinics recommends Permanent Cosmetic Laser Center. *No professional affiliation

Important Note: Some drug and treatment solutions for men are not appropriate for women.

Initial Consultation: 
John will meet with you to evaluate your condition, as well as take hair samples for Microscopic examination of the hair and scalp.

· Attention! Email and photo/phone consultations are available.

After patients have received a consultation from Hair and Scalp Clinics, considered their options, and choose our hair transplant laser microsurgery, arrangements with you will be very similar to what follows: 

Pre-surgery conference

Hair Transplant Procedure:

After careful analysis of the balding area(s), a thin “donor strip” of hair as thin and as long as a small pencil, is taken from the nape of the neck or individual hairs can be removed with the neograft machine. This hair is impervious to the hormone that promotes hair loss. These hairs grow in individual as well as multi-roots – they are next “cultivated” by our surgical techs for transplantation into the balding areas.

Hair Roots are dissected from the donor strip: Our surgical technicians work between and around each hair shaft and their vital structures such as the sebaceous glands and hair roots.                


Hair Transplanted:

Our surgery technicians take the individually dissected hair roots and transplant them into the areas ablated by the laser.

·This procedure is virtually pain-free and this patient, during a live transplantation, is watching a movie he brought from home to the surgery suite.

· Entire process can take up to 3 hours and is done all at the same time/same day.

· Many patients leave the office and can enjoy the rest of the day engaging in light activity.

Follow Up:

The next day, you will return to our office where your hair and scalp will be shampooed and styled. Your presurgical hair can be styled in the normal manner with reasonable caution exercised near the surgical areas.

Therapy: The Doctor may prescribe any combination of therapy based on your condition and the size and scope of your surgery relative to your balding area(s), including Rogaine, Propecia, or use of the Low-level laser comb.