“Thanks so much for the friendly and professional treatment. I know now I made the correct choice coming to your clinics. I was very surprised, but I had no pain at all, and the laser spots were totally undetectable. Except for the new hair growing in that area, I would not know anything had been done. I am working on a new movie in Miami with a major film star and he thinks his hair is thinning out. When he saw my hair he could not believe anything had been done. He wants to come and see you, but is understandably concerned about the confidentiality, or any rumors the press could get wind of. I think the laser would be perfect, since the next day it would be almost undetectable. He wants to know how soon he can start working after the surgery. Since I am not an internationally known star, and I am very happy with the results, feel free to use my name and this letter to promote your procedures.”!