Before And After Photo Testimonials

MS, Brigadier

“It is exactly 6 months since I got my hair transplant at your clinic in Clearwater. I had deliberately kept quiet in the intervening period to be able to see the results before I broke communication with you. Let me say simply that there is a remarkable difference in my appearance as I see myself in the mirror and as conveyed to me by my wife and other associated with me. I feel excited, to say the least, when I once again evoke interest from people while in public. However, you were right when you said that I might require another sitting, as there are visible bald areas on my scalp giving the overall incomplete picture to the treatment…” With sincere regards, MS, Brigadier General

Michael P, MD

“I wanted to express once more my appreciation for your expert and kind treatment of me yesterday. I have had several surgeries over the past few years (knees, eyes, sinuses) and so have had the opportunity to observe surgical teams at work both as a patient and as a physician. The comfortable working relationships which you have had with each other , your years of working together, and the smooth, coordinated division of activities during the procedure all contribute to making the patient very comfortable. The local anesthesia was very effective and I had minimal discomfort during the surgery. It is now 24 hours post-op. My teenage daughter and I spoke for a few minutes and she did not even notice that my head looked different. My wife, who is also a physician…was impressed that my head looked so good post-op day #1. I am happily looking forward to…a new hairline…“ Appreciatively, Michael P, MD


“I had my hair replacement surgery yesterday morning. I was extremely impressed with the extraordinary treatment I received. It was a pleasurable experience to say the least. I experienced very little discomfort throughout the entire procedure, and felt as much at ease while I enjoyed watching a movie. I slept comfortably last night from the medication I was given. Today I have very little discomfort and no need whatsoever for pain medication. My gratitude out to Dr.Brett Hirsch , John Satino, and their outstanding assistants. Thank you all for being so kind and thoughtful.” Sincerely, G B

Rick M

“Everything so far is good. No problems with the scalp. Thanks so much for the hospitality. It makes a huge difference. You have a very personalized clinic, which is much nicer than being only a number. I enclosed a copy of the M&F article as requested. Additionally, I enclosed a picture of one of my head shots taken Nov. 5, 1995. I thought that you might be interested in the change of look because of plastic surgery. M&F photo was taken in Feb. 95. Since then, I had the brow lift, mid-face lift (nasal labial lines reduced), cheek implants, lower eye blepherplasty & lip inversion. And, obviously my hair is much fuller. Again, thanks for everything. I will be contacting you soon with regards to the Retin-A.“ Truly Yours, Rick M

John S

“Thanks so much for the friendly and professional treatment. I know now I made the correct choice coming to your clinics. I was very surprised, but I had no pain at all, and the laser spots were totally undetectable. Except for the new hair growing in that area, I would not know anything had been done. I am working on a new movie in Miami with a major film star and he thinks his hair is thinning out. When he saw my hair he could not believe anything had been done. He wants to come and see you, but is understandably concerned about the confidentiality, or any rumors the press could get wind of. I think the laser would be perfect, since the next day it would be almost undetectable. He wants to know how soon he can start working after the surgery. Since I am not an internationally known star, and I am very happy with the results, feel free to use my name and this letter to promote your procedures.”!